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Now, if you're not rich, at this point, most investment sites would kick you out. But, we've built a free platform to help you invest like those big shot hedge fund on Wall Street. Now, we're not one. But, since most hedge funds have lousy returns, take 20% of profits, require six and seven-figure entry fees, are not transparent, not sold or marketed to the general public, and not liquid, we don't think you're missing out on much anyway. It's just proof that the rich, like most, don't know how to invest, either, so they hand their funds over to someone else, just like you do.


You pay nothing, nadda, zilch. Of course, you can upgrade to our monthly plan and get access to even more. But, even then, you'll pay only about the cost of a latte for you and a friend. Like a hedge fund, our platform helps you access a wider variety of asset classes and strategies to maximize returns. So if you've never received a phone call from a UBS, ING, hedge fund or your own bank about investing, or, if you're in America's bottom 40% that owns zero wealth, you too can still invest, less the outrageous fees, investment minimums and lousy returns, like a hedge fund.





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We helped Kim find an apartment for her and her son and gave her a $275 cashback rebate.

Earl's been a parking lot attendant for over 40 years. He's also a DRIP investor with $500,000. Watch.

Damon's 14 and has $50,000 in his brokerage account. He's a value investor Watch.

Mark and Sally were ready to sell a rental house. Our partners purchased their note for $175,000.



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You don't learn to invest in school. So, when you grow up, if you become rich, you get one of those money managers, calling you everyday, to invest it for you. If you're not rich, well, no one's calling you to invest your money for you anyway. So you set aside some of your pay in your company sponsored 401K and hope for the best. But what if you could invest, like a top performing hedge fund or even like Warren Buffett, on your own? Warren Buffett made $36 million, a day, in 2013 from investing. How'd he do it? Well, unlike most American's who work for their money, Buffett's money works for him. In one hour, this guide will show you how to do the same. If you want to grow your money, like Warren, Earl, 14-year-old Damon, even a big shot hedge fund on Wall Street, get this guide.

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